DGI Vestjylland is one of the 14 local branches under Danish Gymnastics & Sports Association (DGI). The Danish Gymnastics & Sports Association (DGI) is an NGO, working through sports and other cultural activities to strengthen the work of local amateur associations and volunteer associations in an endeavour to promote the education of all generations – both youths, adults and seniors. That is achieved through establishing and facilitating connections between the local associations and other relevant actors in the society, such as local governments, health centres, schools, universities and so on.

DGI currently consists of more than 6,000 local associations and clubs, with more than 1.5 million members (volunteers) spread in the entire Denmark, while our office and the coordinator of this project, DGI Vestjylland, covers 4 municipalities in the West of Jutland, Lemvig, Struer, Holstebro and Ringkobing-Skjern with over 65.000 members (volunteers). DGI Vestjylland relies on voluntary unpaid work, but it also has an office, where there are 20 employees.

DGI Vestjylland also works towards strengthening the local society and the voluntary associations in the West of Jutland with a focus on community, challenge and health in order to promote civic education embedded in civil society.

Community – The activities and the projects planned by DGI Vestjylland contribute towards developing an engaging community. Acquiring experience and developing one’s identity through interaction with others are crucial elements in the cultural perspective of sports.

Health – DGI Vestjylland contributes to the population’s well-being. The planned activities are conducive to enjoyment, physical well-being and development of social networks. Seen in a larger perspective health is related to the individual’s opportunity to take charge of his own life, be an active part of the society and be healthy both physically, socially and mentally.

Challenging – The activities planned and held in the West of Jutland are challenging – both physically, mentally and socially.